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Experience Flying An Airplane.

The Most Fun You Can Have In An Hour For Under $200!

Interested in what it’s like to fly? Always been a bucket list item? Want to ‘try it’ before you decide?

A discovery flight is the best way to see what flying is all about. Start by meeting a certified flight instructor and talking about the basic functions of the plane and what you will be doing once you are airborne. Next, you will get in the pilot’s seat of the plane with your instructor in the co-pilot’s seat and you will start the flight portion of your experience. This is where you will get your first taste of learning to fly.

Once you are back on the ground, your flight instructor can sign your log book as you will have had your first flying lesson. The first step every pilot takes on their path to getting their license.

Our discovery flights are not just scenic, you will actually take control of the plane under the guidance of your Certified Flight Instructor!

It’s an experience that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

Discovery flights make perfect gifts for you or a special someone in your life. Give yourself or someone you love a present that will make memories. Discovery flights are perfect for:


  • Christmas Gifts

  • Birthday Gifts

  • Graduation Gifts

  • Anniversary Gifts

  • Mother’s Day / Father’s Day

  • Grandparent’s Day

  • The person who’s hard to buy for

  • The person who has everything

  • YOU!

…the sky’s the limit. Or as pilot’s say, the sky is home!

Each ground class prepares you for the written exam for each certificate or rating. Exams must be scheduled separately from the ground classes and are an additional cost. Written exams are valid for 2 years from the date of successful completion. So sign up for one of our ground classes today.

Below is a breakdown of each class and what you can expect from the different class.

Private Pilot Ground Class – $799
The first class of all aviation certificates, the private pilot ground class introduces you to airspace, aircraft operations, weather, the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and other important information.

Our class is 12 weeks long and runs from 1pm -4pm on Sundays. The next class starts on October 4th and runs thru December 20th. Call now to reserve your spot!

If this class doesn’t work for you or you are interested in a more advanced schedule Contact us to see how we can customize your training.

This course is designed to take you from no pilot knowledge to the Private Pilot FAA written exam in 3 months.

Pricing covers all your books, materials, and ground training time. The written exam is an additional cost.

Instrument Ground Class
The instrument rating is one of the most intense ratings available. This class focuses on a lot of weather information, aircraft operations and the FARs associated with instrument flying as well as other information.

The instrument ground class gives you the knowledge required to pass the Instrument-Single Engine-written exam.

This class is 6 weeks long. Contact us to see when the next class starts.

Commercial Ground Class
A must for any pilot that wishes to be paid to fly or who wants to fine tune their flying skills. This class focuses on commercial operations and the FARs associated with commercial flying.

The commercial ground class gives you the knowledge required to pass the Commercial written exam.

The class is 6 weeks long. Class schedules vary so be sure to contact us to see when the next class starts.

Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Ground Class
The highest certificate a pilot can possess and necessary if you want to fly for any airline or transport company. This class focuses on airline operations, the FARs associated with mass transport and other important information.

The Airline Transport Pilot ground class give you the knowledge required to pass the ATP written exam.

This class is 6 weeks long and class schedules vary. Contact us to see when the next class starts.

Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Ground Class
Sharing your passion for aviation with another is one of the greatest joys on earth. The Certified Flight Instructor ground class teaches you the necessary knowledge to pass the CFI written exam.

This class is 6 weeks long and class schedules vary. Contact us to see when the next class starts.

Del Sol Aviation offers ground classes for all certifications. Ground classes are a great way to keep you on track with learning all the required information for a given certificate or rating. They help to keep you accountable for studying and provide easy access to an instructor to answer all your questions and explain concepts in more detail.


Del Sol Aviation Mountain Flying Course Conducted In The Majestic New Mexico and Colorado Mountains

One of the greatest thrills for many pilots is the skill to fly throughout the majestic Rocky Mountain Ranges of Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado.


  • Learn how to safely navigate high altitude terrain and experience the thrill of flying to some of the highest GA airports in North America.

  • Learn about the unique challenges, including weather, performance, and navigation that present themselves in mountainous terrain, and how to safely complete a flight into the most breathtaking landscape around.

This course is designed to build on your existing skills as a pilot, as well as introduce new topics specific to high-altitude operations.

The course is presented as a 6-hour ground school, with optional flight scenarios. The ground school will be required before taking any flight options.

Requirements for Enrolling:
- Current Albuquerque and Denver sectionals (or electronic equivalent – (SkyVector), plotter and pencil.
- You may bring the EFB of your choice for flight planning, but the course will focus on using sectional charts.
- POH Performance data for a Cessna T182T (330 HP)
- The Shirt Pocket Mountain Flying Guide by Sparky Imeson

Course Flight
Each student will have the chance to fly one or both of two separate routes over a two-day period, or a custom route will be considered by the instructor if requested. The preplanned routes are described as follows:

“Western Route” (5.5 – 6 hours flight time)
Depart Albuquerque (KABQ)
Telluride (KTEX) via Cones VOR
Creede (C024) via Ophir, Silverton, Wolf Creek passes
Gunnison (KGUC) via Spring Creek pass
Del Norte (KRCV) via North pass
Return KABQ via La Manga and Cumbres passes

“Central Route” (6 – 6.5 hours flight time)
Depart Albuquerque (KABQ)
Angel Fire (KAXX) via Palo Flechedo pass
Leadville (KLXV) via Red River, Poncha passes
Eagle (KEGE) via Tennessee pass
Gunnison (KGUC) via McClure, Kebler passes
Del Norte (KRCV) via North pass
Return KABQ via La Manga and Cumbres passes

“Combined Route” (Overnight) (10 hours flight time)
Depart Albuquerque (KABQ)
Telluride (KTEX) via Cones VOR
Creede (C024) via Ophir, Silverton, Wolf Creek passes
Gunnison (KGUC) via Spring Creek pass
(Overnight in Gunnison)
Eagle (KEGE) via Kebler and McClure passes
Leadville (KLXV) via Tennessee pass
Angel Fire (KAXX) via Poncha and Red River passes
Return Albuquerque via Palo Flechado pass

The goal of this course is to provide the pilot with the basic tools of knowledge, skill and judgement to fly safely in mountainous terrain, while having a challenging and rewarding experience.

Ground school cost: $299.00

Aircraft Rental for Cessna T182T: $300.00/Flt hour

Instructor: $75.00/hour

These rates will be applied based on actual time requirements.

Local taxes will be added.

Become an FAA-Certified Drone Pilot with our remote pilot training seminar. The seminar is structured to introduce the knowledge and understanding needed to pass the FAA remote pilot certification exam.The seminar is a two day intensive training at our facility. Included in the cost are all training materials, instruction, practice exams, Instructor endorsement and UAS Drone Pilot License application.

Become an FAA-Certified Drone Pilot

$871 for the drone pilot knowledge two-day course with hands-on practical lesson.

$175 for the FAA written exam.

If companies/organizations send 4 or more students, we provide a $100.00 group discount/person.

Call 505-242-2701 to reserve your spot in our next seminar today.

For Small Unmanned Aircraft

2 Classes A Month, Custom scheduling available.



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