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  • 24/7 Flight Training Operations

  • 24/7 Time-Building Availability

  • Overnight Quarters Available

  • Accelerated training capable for meeting short deadlines

  • ATP Oriented Instrument, ATC, Flow, Flow Procedures

  • Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE) Available

  • First Time Pass rate: 97%

  • Over 120 RTW graduates to date

  • Average timeframe for training is 4 to 6 weeks from Private to Multi-Engine

  • Private pilot 1 to 2 weeks, Instrument 2 to 3 weeks, Multi-Engine Commercial 1 to 2 weeks


Del Sol Aviation (DSA) – has established an RTF program with a 3 prong approach to ensuring each candidate reaches his/her goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.


The first area of emphasis is on certificate qualification.  Each candidate is evaluated for what is needed to train for, and pass, the required FAA check-rides.  A specific CFI and back-up CFI are assigned to ensure that training is conducted in a timely and regular basis.  A specific date for the FAA (DPE) Check Ride is usually scheduled well ahead of time with training activities focused on meeting that date.


The second area of emphasis addresses the time-building requirement.  Every effort is made to facilitate cost-sharing with other time-building students.  This includes night and early morning flying to ensure availability of aircraft coupled with favorable weather.  Students are monitored daily to ensure progress and candidate pairing to facilitate cost-savings.


The third area is the Pilot Professionalization course with focus on instrument, ATC, and flow procedures during the time-building process.  Discussions with sponsoring airline training managers revealed that candidates should take every opportunity to conduct professional pilot operations including SIDS, STARS, approaches, and flow discipline in simulated instrument conditions.  Albuquerque has numerous options for candidates to practice advanced instrument and flow procedures. 


DSA considers Candidate Certificate qualification and Instrument Professionalization to be of equal importance.  In that way candidates can be assured of qualifying for certificates up to Commercial Multi-Engine and of being prepared for the sponsoring airline qualification program. DSA conducts regular program evaluations with sponsoring airlines to ensure all qualifications and expectations are met or exceeded.

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