Del Sol Aviation is an authorized F.A.A. testing center sponsored by CATS/Comira testing. Testing is conducted Monday through Saturday by appointment only.

All FAA airmen exams are $150.00 + N.M. Sales tax. To schedule an exam please give us a call at (505) 242-2701.

All Applicants must provide Identification that is current and valid. The identification must include the applicant's :

- Photo

- Date of Birth

- Signature

- Physical, residential address

Acceptable Identification for U.S. Citizens & Residential Aliens

- Drivers license or permit issued by a U.S. state or Territory

- U.S. Government Identification card

- U.S. Military Identification card

- U.S. Issued Passport

- Alien residency card

Acceptable Identification for NON - US Citizens

Two forms of Identification are required for non- us citizens


- Passport (Primary)

- Drivers license or permit issued by a U.S. state or Territory, Or

- Identification card issued by any government entity

Note :

- The above information maybe presented in more than one form.


- If the acceptable form(s) of identification (listed above ) does not include valid and current proof of the applicant's physical/resident address, the applicant may utilize his or her parent's permanent physical/residential address. Examples of an unacceptable physical/residential address are a post office box, rural route, flight school address(unless the applicant resides at the flight school), or a commercial business/employer address.


- For an applicant who is under the age of 18, who does not possess an acceptable form(s) of identification, a parent or legal is required to accompany the applicant, and after presenting identification as described in this table, may attest to the applicants identity.